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HUB will challenge your ability to overcome different and sometimes challenging terrain, changing weather conditions and fatigue. Please note that there will be no course markings and you will be self-supported between the checkpoints (CP). You will be running in different environments. Sometimes on the beach, sometimes on trails, sometimes in the fields and a couple of times you need to cross water (walking or swimming). There will be situations where there are no tracks and most of the course will be outside of ordinary road.

You will receive a start-kit with a digital map and a course description or you can chose to navigate assisted by GPX-file or Google maps. Most of the time, you will be on track if you keep the sea to your right.

Included in the fee:

  • Live GPS-tracking
  • Dropbag at each checkpoint
  • Hot food and drinks at each checkpoint
  • Baggage transfer from checkpoints to finish
  • Hot food and drinks at the finish line

The Races

The following distances are raced in HUB 2024:

1 Augusti 20:00: HUB 200 miles (322 km)

Göteborg – Båstad (CP 6)

Checkpoints: 5 + Finish

CUTOFF 76 HRS+ (see below)


3 Augusti 10:00: HUB 100 miles (161 km)

Åskloster(CP 3) – Båstad (CP 6) 

Checkpoints: 2 + Finish


4 Augusti  00:00: HUB 100 km

Olofsbo (CP 4) – Båstad(CP 6)

Checkpoints: 1 + Finish



1 Augusti 20:00: HUB I: Woodland and Heath, 72 km

Göteborg – Onsala (CP 1)


2 Augusti 10:00: HUB II: Fiord and Hill, 40 km

Gottskär(CP1) – Åsa (CP 2)


2 Augusti 22:00: HUB III: Pebbles and Rocks, 51 km

Åsa (CP 2) – Åskloster (CP 3)


3 Augusti 10:00: HUB IV: Marshland and Pasture, 59 km

Åskloster (CP 3) – Olofsbo (CP 4)


4 Augusti 00:00: HUB V: Meadows and Dunes, 52 km

Olofsbo (CP 4) – Tylösand (CP 5)


4 Augusti 12:00: HUB VI: Sand and Sea, 50 km

Tylösand (CP 5) – Båstad (CP 6)


The Course

HUB consists of six routes with distinct different characteristics along the beautiful west coast line of Sweden, between Göteborg and Båstad. The routes are chosen as a tribute to the freedom of trail running in the open west coast landscape, where each individual route has it´s distinct features and are dominated by one or two different habitats that are hopefully reflected in the name of each route.

Depending on which distance you chose to run (50k, 75k, 100k, 100 miles or 200 miles), you will either run a single or multiple routes.

All participants will obtain maps with detailed road descriptions as well as GPS tracks to follow. There is also a google map of the course available HERE.

As no support is given between the checkpoints facilities such as public restrooms (with drinkable water), cafés, shops etc along the way are indicated on the google map. Note that course may be altered. Final course will be communicated prior to race start.  

The Rules

This is NOT a race for an individual who can´t stay calm and take care of themselves in difficult situations and mobilize necessary mental capacity to deal with fatigue, hunger, cold and wet conditions, rapidly changing weather conditions and rough terrain.

There will be no course markings and there´s no mandatory equipment. We assume that all the participants are sensible and experienced trail runners that can rely on their own capacity to make wise decisions regarding their own safety and health and know how to read a map to navigate or using a technical device for assistance, e.g. GPS-file, Google maps.


The race is self-supported between the checkpoints, this means that;

  • All Race Director decisions are final. Checkpoint Captains have authority on location at each checkpoint but Race Director will have final say.
  • Good sportsmanship is not only appreciated, it’s required! We know you will be tired and possibly grumpy but you may not take this out on others!
  • No littering
  • As always in the Swedish landscape, Allemannsrätten applies ( This is very important since the course will be passing through fields with live cattle.
    • Key words “Not to disturb or destroy”
    • Always close the gates behind you, when you enter and exit
  • Entire race must be completed on your own two feet. No bicycles, animals, vehicles, or piggy back rides.
  • The GPS-tracker should be worn at all time throughout the race.
  • Between aid stations you are NOT allowed to use any outside assistance that are not available to the general public
  • Since there will be no course marking, you´re allowed to use the detailed course description in the starting kit, GPS-file, Google maps or any other technical device for navigation purposes.
  • No cutting the course. If you realize you can cut the course a little…that’s cheating. We don’t like cheating, your fellow competitors don’t like cheating, and really it doesn’t feel all that great to “finish” a course you know you’ve cut.
  • The Race Director will monitor all participants on LIVE GPS-tracking. If you´re off the course, you need to find the quickest and shortest way back on to the course.
  • Any deviation from the course, mistakenly or on purpose, that can be viewed as “taking a short-cut” will be punished with time penalty or disqualification
    • Exceptions are at two points where runners need to pass water, and possibly swim for about 20 meters. If you are unable or do not want to swim you are allowed to divert from the course upstream to find the nearest bridge. This will be a detour of 7-9 km. The crossings are:
      • Suseån (between CP 3 and CP 4)
      • Fylleån (between CP 5 and CP 6)
    • Manual timing together with GPS-tracking is applied. The runner will the fastest time will win in each of the individual races (50k, 75k, 100k, 100 miles and 200 miles)
    • Apart from the two specials, this is NOT a stage race, so runners can chose how to utilize their time as long as they manage to pass checkpoint before the cutoffs given below
      • Onsala 72 k, Friday at 12:00
      • Åsa, 112 k, Saturday at 24:00
      • Åskloster, 163 k, Saturday at 12:00
      • Olofsbo, 222 k,  Saturday at 24:00
      • Tylösand, 274 k, Sunday at 12:00
      • Båstad, 324 k, Sunday at 24:00. Late racers of HUB 200 that still make the cutoff in Tylösand are allowed to finsh in an unmanned finish until sunrise, Monday at 06:00


    Fees for participation are:
    200 miles: SEK 1700

    100 miles: SEK 11400

    100 km: SEK 800
    50-75km. SEK 500

    Early-bird deductions apply throughougt August and September 2023
    Registration is made HERE